Discord Hates Queers

We’ve been reporting anti-LGBT hate, harassment, doxing, and threats for months.

What has Discord done in response? Nothing.

It’s not as if they don’t know about the abuse that’s happening on their platform. They know. They just don’t care.

How Bad Is It?

See for yourself. Here’s a small sample of the anti-LGBT messages we’ve reported this year.

We’ve left out the doxing, for obvious reasons. We’ve also hidden the identities of the users and servers — Discord already knows who’s responsible.

Wait, Discord Really Allows That?

Yeah. It surprised us, too.

Discord’s Community Guidelines are full of toothless rules and empty promises:

  • “Respect Each Other”
  • “We do not allow harassing behavior such as sustained bullying [or] doxxing…”
  • “Do not use hate speech or engage in other hateful conduct.”
  • “We consider hate speech to be any form of expression that either attacks other people or promotes hatred or violence against them based on their protected characteristics.”
  • “Do not threaten to harm another individual or group of people. This includes direct, indirect, and suggestive threats.”

But it doesn’t matter whether they claim to allow this abuse or not, because Discord has closed or ignored every single report.

They know about everything we’ve shown here, and the doxing we’ve left out, and all the other hate and harassment we’ve been reporting for months. They just don’t care.

But What Can I Do, I’m…

A Discord Employee (or Contractor)?

Do you work in Trust & Safety? Do your job. Read reports and act on them, or resign so you can be replaced. If you need a place to start, look at case #40294593 — scratch the surface and you’ll find a lot more abuse related to that.

Do you work in communications? Be honest about the problem. Everyone who reports abuse on Discord can see that nothing ever gets done about it. Everyone who uses your service knows somebody who wrote in for help and didn’t hear back for weeks, or never heard back at all. The press releases about getting tough on hate aren’t fooling anyone, and the cutesy tweets make it clear you don’t take this seriously.

Do you work in a different org? Tell your manager how you feel about working at a company that keeps letting this happen. Ask leadership why they’ve let the situation get this bad. Don’t settle for excuses.

A Gamer (or Content Creator)?

You don’t have to use Discord, you know. Try Guilded, or any of the other Discord alternatives.

Even if you do feel trapped on Discordyou don’t have to give them your money. If you’re a Nitro subscriber, take a minute to look in the mirror, and ask yourself whether a company that knowingly lets this happen deserves another cent from you.

A Journalist?

Get Discord on the record about this. Here’s their press contact page.

A Compassionate Bystander?

Ask your friends what they know about Discord. Do they use it? Have they ever tried reporting abuse? Do they know anyone who works there? Maybe share this site with them.